Sattal-Pangot Birding tour - 6th March to 10th Oct 2019

Sattal-Pangot Birding tour - 6th March to 10th Oct 2019

4 Night 5 Days

Autumn brings up great activity among small birds, there are more mix hunting flocks and more appearance in search of food, as conditions are opposite to last season which was monsoon. Combining all these conditions..Autumn is good for birding and this tour is for taking that advantage. 


Tour duration is 4N 5D

Areas to be covered are Jeolikote, Sattal, Pangot, Chanfi.

1st day 
Morning - Sattal Trail. (Fire Breasted Flowerpecker, Rufous Bellied NIltava, Red-Billed Leiothrix, Small Niltava ) 

Lunch at 1:30 PM at SPC Apartment

Evening - Sattal Studio Region  (Wedge-tailed Green Piegion, Gray-winged Bluebird, Yellow-Breasted Greenfinch)

Dinner will be organized at 8:30 PM at SPC Apartment

2nd Day 
Morning - Chanfi Birding

Lunch at 1:30 PM at SPC Apartment

Evening - Chanfi session. ( Bar-tailed Treecreeper, Brown Dipper, Crested Kingfisher ) 

Dinner will be organized at 8:30 PM at SPC Apartment

3rd Day 
Morning - Pangot visit 

Lunch at 1:30 PM in Pangot only. 

Evening - Pangot (Koklass Pheasant, Cheer Pheasant, Scaly Thrush, Mistle Thrush, Long-Billed Thrush, Chestnut Thrush, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Black Eagle, Rufous Bellied Woodpecker, Himalayan Woodpecker, Scaly bellied Woodpecker)

Dinner will be organized at 8:30 PM at SPC Apartment

4th day - 
Morning Chanfi Region ( Spotted and Slaty Backed Forktail, Barbets, and Woodpeckers)

Lunch at 1:30 PM at SPC Apartment

Evening - Sattal Trail ( Aberrant Bush Warbler, Western Crowned Warbler and many more small birds) 

Dinner will be organized at 8:30 PM at SPC Apartment

5th Day
morning - Sattal Region
(Thrushes and Warbler, Collared Scops Owl)
Coming back to Strabo House (accommodation)

Lunch at 1:30 PM at SPC Apartment

See off & departure back to the respective location.

head back to Strabo House after this session and Drop to Kathgodam is scheduled around 13:00 hours. 

the standard timing for each session is - 
morning - 06 - 10hrs.
evening - 15 - 18hrs. 
though there are always chances when you want to be more our in the field, that can also be done in case of any specific targets.  
between these sessions, the lunch and rest would be in Strabo House ( stay place).  

Winter is a great time to be here, as many thrushes visits and also beautiful small birds from Higher Altitude. We will also try to cover Owl species.

Stuff to Carry

We suggest you carry the following stuff along with you in this Tour. 

gloves, winter cap, jacket, rain cover, Jungle Shoes, Hat, Sunglasses 

binocular, notebook, pen, Thermas, Umbrella 

anything especially required can be brought or can be told us so that we can arrange 

What to Look For

Cheer Pheasant
Collared Scops Owl
Common Green Magpie
Crested KIngfisher
Grey Crowned Prinia
Himalayan Shrike Babbler
Koklass Pheasant
Orange Bellied Leafbird
Rusty Cheeked Scimitar Babbler 
Small Niltava
Spotted Forktail

Tour Expert

Ankit Das Loiwal 

Name - Ankit
Place - Sattal-Chanfi 
Skill - Field Guiding and Providing outdoor Adventure Experiences. 
Languages - English and Hindi. 

Ankit is grown up in Chanfi, a village near Sattal, he is an adventure and birds since childhood, he gain his interest from the bird watching in the morning while he use to go School, which has turned up in his profession now, though he us expert in flora and fauna you get in Kumaon Mountains, but he is famous for Owls..and also known as Owl Expert, with his field team he takes you out at night and tracks the owls by their huntings and favorites spots at night.. 
He is very determined in the field to make sure you get a good photograph of your target. 
Not only birding, when he is off from field..he is in Sattal Lake, where he provides the outdoor experience which includes River Crossing, Swimming and Water Activities. He is 320 days in the field.


accommodation is at SPC apartment in Bhuimiyadhar. 

Tour Cost

Tour Cost

this tour is of 17500 per pax. 
and it includes - 
- Transport from Kathgodam and Drop to Kathgodam. 
- Accommodation
- All meals 
- Field Guiding 
- Vehicle Service in the field 
-  all taxes 

- any kind of personal expenses. 
- any kind of ordered stuff from Field Guide. 

note -
- Cost includes twin sharing of room, 3-time meals and evening morning tea and snack (breakfast would be packed)
- this tour cost applies when at least 4 members are there. 
- we take group size maximum 6 if it increases we make 2 groups, lead by two different guides. 


Tour Cost : INR 17500 (Per People)

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